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Elder Law

Few areas of practice are as personal as Elder Law. O'Sullivan & Zacchea PLLC is skilled in all aspects of guardianship, elder abuse, powers of attorney, health care planning and advanced planning. We understand that every client's personal and family situation is different and we listen carefully to customize our services to meet your needs.

We provide expert counsel for elder law matters.

Elder law broadly encompasses a variety of legal areas. Our elder law practice is experienced in handling the very sensitive issues relating to the aged. We assist our clients in identifying the potential issues relating to the care of their at-risk loved one and pride ourselves on implementing cost effective legal strategies to help protect their vulnerabilities. 

A court appointed guardian may be necessary for a loved one who requires additional protection; due to age, mental or physical infirmity.  We regularly advise clients in evaluating dangerous situations and assist them in obtaining the necessary safeguards through the legal process. 

Typically guardianship powers are narrowly tailored for the benefit of the ward.  We regularly advise guardians in connection with their responsibilities, duties and liabilities in exercising their powers. However, sometimes disputes arise regarding the exercise of those powers. In those cases, we represent clients in connection with a resolution of those disputes for the benefit of the ward. 

Elder abuse is often hidden or unrecognized as it varies based on race, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. As such, the prevalence of elder abuse is often difficult to articulate.  Protection of susceptible loved ones is a common goal. We assist our clients in placing and maintaining safeguards to ensure the health and welfare of their senior in need.


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