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Land Use and Zoning

Real estate owners, developers, managers and investors depend on O'Sullivan & Zacchea's comprehensive understanding of land use & zoning issues.  From traditional planning, zoning and building permits to complex development review and approval processes.

We provide expert counsel for development projects.

We provide advantageous, cost-effective counseling with regard to zoning, land use and economic development projects. We represent clients before the Board of Standards and Appeals, the New York City Department of Buildings, New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, Environmental Control Board, the New York City Planning Commission and other City and State agencies.

We counsel developers, builders, governmental entities, non-profit instituions and other local and national businesses on development projections from inception through completion. Our aim is foster a relationship with our client that will allow us to understand what their ultimate goal is with regarding to a particular development project and to execute that wish with representation that is detail oriented and strategic.

As the Agency charged with enforcing the New York City Building Code, Zoning Resolution and New York State Multiple Dwelling Law, the Department of Buildings can be a formidable opponent to a developer or property owner looking to undertake renovations of an existing structure or erecting a new one. As counsel, we work with our clients to craft the best approach to presenting our plans in order to obtain approval from the DOB and when necessary, prepare for any administrative appeals that may be necessary. As the permit process can be extremely burdensome and complicated for our clients, we appear on their behalf at hearings regarding reconsiderations of plans previously disapproved by the DOB with the purpose of challenging these previously adverse decisions.

If approval cannot be won at the Department of Building, a hearing at the Board of Standards and Appeals may be necessary. At a BSA hearing, our goal is to obtain zoning variances for our clients which will allow them to use their property site for a different use then what it is currently zoned for or to build a larger building than would otherwise be permitted.

If a building is designated as an individual landmark or located in an area designated as an historic district by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, then any proposed changes to the building require approval by the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This approval process can be quite burdensome, depending on the type of renovation which property owner are seeking to undertake. As counsel to owners of Landmarked property, we have worked with clients to create a plan of presenting plans in order to obtain approval from the Landmarks commission.

Environmental Control Board Violations are assessed against properties if a Department of Building’s Inspector finds a violation on the premises that does not comply with current regulations. These violations will remain open and outstanding against the property until they are resolved to the Department of Building's satisfaction. We work with our clients to research the alleged violation and to create a viable defense in order to dismiss the violation. In the event that a violation is sustained at a hearing, we work tirelessly to remediate the violation and have the property record cleared.


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