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Real Estate and Lending

O'Sullivan & Zacchea represents a broad range of clients in residential and commercial real estate purchases, sales, financing, leasing and development transactions and associated litigation.

We are your real estate and lending experts.

Whether it’s the place of your dreams or just a stop on the road, we can help. We understand the process from start to finish and pride ourselves on making your transaction as easy as possible. We conduct due diligence, negotiate and advise on details of your transaction and let you focus on the bigger picture. 

We have extensive experience representing clients in commercial and residential real estate transactions; including Cooperative Units, Condominium, Single & Multi-family homes, foreclosures, short-sales, commercial real estate, deed transfers, share and unit transfers, lien foreclosure and enforcement, landlord-tenant matters, sale of estate property, reverse mortgages, closings by power of attorney, mortgage issues, real estate leases, real estate disputes (partition actions, contract disputes, real estate fraud, boundary disputes and adverse possession claims), purchase or sale of an apartment building, mortgage refinancing, preparing and negotiating letters of intent, financial commitment letters, LLC and ownership agreements, joint venture and development agreements, as well as other ancillary agreements.

We have extensive experience representing clients in the purchase, sale and development of residential and commercial property. Due diligence is a key component of every real estate transaction; we know how to differentiate between a fatal red flag and a minor nuisance, and we can dispose of both. We don’t lose sight of the fact that you have worked hard to save for your down payment  and we work with our clients to ensure the best possible financing. 

We advise our commercial clients, both landlords and tenants, regarding commercial leasing matters, from structuring and negotiating lease agreements to determining sublease and assignment provisions that best protect their interests and limit their liability.

We understand the interests of lenders, landlords and tenants and craft our representation accordingly to draft and negotiate on behalf of our clients to meet their immediate needs while anticipating the day-to-day implications.

We represent buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers in connection with acquisition, disposition, funding and refinancing.  We carefully review financing documents to properly assess risks and to ensure that contract terms are fair and designed to achieve our clients’ short and long-term goals.

We regularly represent major lenders in connection with loan settlement. We work diligently with our clients and their agents and brokers to ensure compliance with their internal processes and standards.

Borrowers routinely benefit from our experience, as we make it our goal to make the financing process as simple and efficient as possible from loan origination to closing. 

When controversies arise, we advise buyers, sellers, lenders and borrowers both prior to and after commencement of litigation. We pride ourselves on cost-effective litigation strategies that meet our clients' needs and secure the best possible resolution. We aggressively defend our clients' interests in federal and state courts.


We are passionate about your representation and believe that communication is key. Please contact us today to see how we can best help you.