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Trusts and Estates

O'Sullivan & Zacchea applies practical applications of estate, trust, business and tax laws to meet our clients' needs and objectives.

We provide expert counsel for trusts and estates.

While we regularly represent clients throughout the probate and administration processes after the death of a loved one, our trust and estate practice encompasses much more.

As estate planning is an on-going process, we work with our clients to ensure that their lifetime goals are met as their lives and the laws change. We consider personal and family objectives during life, after death or in preparation for unexpected incapacity or illness. 

Our trust and estates practice includes the organization and development of estate plans to grow and protect assets, representation in the administration of trusts and estates, and counsel in estate litigation.

The death of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time and often the legal process can be confusing. Probate and Administration are the processes by which a fiduciary is appointed for the deceased. The fiduciary’s responsibilities are broad and varied and typically include marshalling assets, settling debts and making distributions. We regularly advise fiduciaries in connection with their responsibilities, duties and liabilities.

Sometimes, during this process, conflicts arise between fiduciaries and beneficiaries. In such cases, we are experienced in overcoming those obstacles and resolving the disputes.

Sometimes, the probate and administration proceedings are complicated by issues of the decedent’s competency, undue influence or questionable changes to estate planning documents. In these matters, we advise fiduciaries, beneficiaries and other interested parties, regarding their rights, duties and obligations. 

We initiate and defend claims of the estate or trust, as well as the fiduciaries representing those entities. We also represent beneficiaries of estates and trusts in their disputes with other beneficiaries, or in claims of alleged breaches of fiduciary duty.

We assist our clients in developing strong foundations for lifetime and post-death planning. Our solutions help plan for the distribution of the estate after death, while protecting and enhancing the assets during life.  

Clients typically commence the estate planning process upon major life events, such as marriage, children, the purchase of a new home or the unfortunate passing of a loved one. To ensure their estate plans remain current and relevant, we encourage our clients to meet with us periodically to review and update their estate planning documents. 

Everyone has something to protect. We work with our clients to develop estate plans that secure the future of their loved ones and fulfill their wishes regarding disposition of their assets after passing. In helping our clients meet their estate needs, we advise them about titling their assets and designating appropriate beneficiaries.

We guide clients as they plan for potential future disability and death by helping them make decisions that will preserve their assets. As part of this process, we regularly partner with clients’ financial and investment advisors, accountants and insurance representatives to ensure an integrated approach to asset protection.


We are passionate about your representation and believe that communication is key. Please contact us today to see how we can best help you.