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Considering A Contingency Fee Agreement

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

We understand that litigation can be expensive and cost prohibitve. Unfortunatley for many parties that may have a valid claim the traditional law firm model of hourly billing can be too expensive for the party looking to start a lawsuit. At the law firm of O'Sullivan & Zacchea PLLC we can work with our clients on a contingency fee basis. This allows our clients to start a lawsuit when they normally might not be able to. It also gives our clients a level of comfort knowing that our firm is working as hard as we can to obtain a positive result.

What Type of Cases May Qualify for Contingency Work?

A contingency-fee can be appropriate in a wide range of business disputes. Here are some examples where a contingency fee agreement may work:

  • A small or medium sized business that alleges a breach of contract or other harm by a larger organization but is lacking in the funds and resources to fight back.

  • When a partnership or company under a tight budget constraint that needs an attorney to help them bring an action in order to try and recover damages they are due.

  • Breach of contract claims..

  • A party that has filed a Mechanic’s Lien but has not yet collected any of the funds they are due.

  • Someone who has issued a promissory note but has not yet collected the funds due to them under the terms of the note.

A contingenct fee agreement where our fee is based on how much we obtain for our clients reduces the exposure and downside for our clients and places a premium on achieving an optimal result quickly and efficently but there can be no settlement unless you agree to the terms. It is our policy not to accept a case unless we believe in it and beleive that we can obtain a positive results.

If you believe that you have a valid claim against anohter party and you want to speak with an attorney, please feel free to call O'Sullivan & Zacchea at (718) 713-3499 for a free consultation with Kevin O'Sullivan. You can also contact Mr. O'Sullivan at

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