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Welcome to our Blog!

It's our goal to use this forum to educate, share insight and (dare I say?) entertain you, with our thoughts, ideas and interactions with the legal experiences common to us all. We'll use this space to share our stories and theories in a casual, relatable way that makes our practice more accessible.

But first, a little about us, your blog purveyors. We're young, energetic professionals who have been together since 2009 (who says a recession isn't a great time to start a business?). Although we're all from different backgrounds, we share an important trait-passion. We love what we do and we try to bring that sentiment to our firm everyday (naturally, some days it's easier to do than others!)

Since we opened our doors, we've successfully represented and continue to represent a broad array of clients in a wide variety of legal matters, from the routine to the complex.

So, without further ado...welcome to our blog! We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy writing it! And if the mood should strike you, please know that your comments, questions and suggestions are always welcome to

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