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O'Sullivan & Zacchea applies practical applications of estate, trust, business and tax laws to meet our clients' needs and objectives.

We provide expert counsel for trusts and estates.

While we regularly represent clients throughout the probate and administration processes after the death of a loved one, our trust and estate practice encompasses much more.

As estate planning is an on-going process, we work with our clients to ensure that their lifetime goals are met as their lives and the laws change. We consider personal and family objectives during life, after death or in preparation for unexpected incapacity or illness.

Our trust and estates practice includes the organization and development of estate plans to grow and protect assets, representation in the administration of trusts and estates, and counsel in estate litigation.

    Starting a business is a major event. Whether alone or in partnership, the proper formation is essential to the foundation of the entity. We counsel entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, start-ups, family businesses and small business through the critical process of formation. From understanding the value of incorporation and the various corporate forms to compliance with the rules and regulations of formation, our goal is to provide our clients with the proper platform for success. We regularly advise, draft and analyze operating agreements and partnership agreements, as well as joint ventures and acquisitions.
    Clear communication and mutual understanding is essential to business. Our clients rely on us to negotiate, draft and execute documents that accurately reflect their understanding, comply with regulations and achieve their goals. We counsel clients on reducing liability, mitigating risk and resolving problems before they arise.
    Commercial disputes can be complex and challenging. Businesses require skilled, experienced counsel to advise and advocate for them. We have counseled a wide variety of clients in commercial litigation, including real estate developers, accountants, attorneys and other entrepreneurs in connection with partnership disputes, corporate accountings, liquidations and dissolutions.
    As businesses expand and contract, legal needs often unexpectedly arise. We approach these transitions with our clients' unique financial and strategic plans in mind. We advise and counsel clients in connection with an array of commercial agreements including sales and supply agreements, research and development agreements, licenses, franchise agreements, distribution agreements and indemnifications. We also advise clients on establishing and implementing exit strategies for partners and owners, including transfer of ownership between partners, family members or chosen employees.
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